To our fellow members of the George Washington University,

Welcome to the International Affairs Society!

The International Affairs Society (IAS) is the largest non-partisan student organization on campus, and is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of international affairs as they concern the students of GWU. Our student body spans all majors and comes from all corners of the globe as we embrace a truly international perspective.

Here in the IAS, you can join a community of passionate and globally-minded peers. IAS members have a plethora of opportunities to meet ambassadors and other foreign dignitaries, as well as compete with the internationally renowned GWU Model UN team, and much more.

Take a look at what we’re all about, what we’ve been up to, and our many events and engagements on the website… imagine the exciting experiences that await you with the IAS.

Once again, welcome to the International Affairs Society – we look forward to another memorable, exciting year for 2014-2015!

-The IAS Executive Board